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The Siberians
The Boys

Aust Ch Norstarr Tazin - Zap

Norstarr Fortsalong Fly - Fly

Norstarr Polaspeed Harpo - Harpo

Norstarr Bakavi Pepper - Wally

Norstarr Bakavi Copper - Copper

The Girls

Aust Ch Norstarr Tahoe - Majik

Aust Ch Mikulov North Starr - Otter

Norstarr Windhills Kitty - Kitty

Norstarr Windhills Kate - Kate

Norstarr Windhills Emma - Emma

Norstarr Fortsalong Jet - Jet

Norstarr Fortsalong Buz - Gidget

Norstarr Polaspeed Angel - Angel

Norstarr Polaspeed Oprah - Opie

Norstarr Silver Maple - Maple

Norstarr Bakavi Smudge - Smudge

Dogs Bred By Norstarr
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Dogs Of The Past
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