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Dogs Bred By Norstarr
Norstarr Sustina - Mocha
Ch Sledog Polar King x Ch Norstarr Raising Arazona
Bilute B/W, dark brown eyes, DOB 22.10.93
Owned and Loved by Ross Kinnane & Joanne Bronstring
Mocha and Ross entered their first race in 1995. The next year they went on
to win the Siberian Husky Club of Victoria's one dog Cup (Victoria Cup) and
finish every race in the top three. Ross now races Thumpa, and Mocha enjoys
some recreational running with the other member of the canine trio - Jemma;
who also runs childrens classes with our daughter Rebecca.
Norstarr Utikuma - Kuma
Ch Sledog Polar King x Ch Norstarr Raising Arazona
Dilute B/W, dark brown eyes, DOB 22.10.93 - 2001
Owned and Loved by Lawrie and Hayley Coutts
Kuma raced every year until her death this year ( RIP, pretty girl....).
Teamed up with Spyder (Telkwa Hamahakki iid FNL) and Lawrie Coutts, she won
many races on the national circuit in the two dog class. She
was a reliable leader and produced some excellent sleddogs for Cyberhusky
Kennels as well. Gone, but not forgotten.
Norstarr Polaspeed Thumpa - Thumpa
Telkwa Jaa iid FNL x Norstarr Windhills Kitty
Brown/White, Brown Eyes, DOB 7.11.98
Owned and Loved by Ross Kinnane and Joanne Bronstring
In his debut race, Southern Cross Pro Am 2000, Thumpa was defeated only by
his sire, Levi, in the one dog class. He then finished #3 Nationally for
that year, and after another successful season, finished #4 in 2001. Well
done Ross and Thumpa for all your hard work.
Norstarr Fortsalong Sno - Widget
Fortsalong's Johnny (imp USA) x Norstarr Windhill's Kate
White/Black Piebald, dark brown eyes, DOB 29.01.99
Owned, loved & raced by Dave, Tammy, Lachlan and Paddy Hutchison
Widget has really made her mark on the Oz racing scene with some great race
wins on her way to her # 2 National ranking in the two dog class in 2001.
Her race partners are David Hutchision and Rainy. An excellent leader and
beautifully constructed, we look forward to seeing what else she can
achieve. Her three littermates Fly, Jet & Gidget are "Doin' It" for us here
at Norstarr too!
Aust Ch Norstarr Off The Planet ET - Rhea
Aust Ch, Int Ch, Am Ch Aatuk's Rising Son imp USA x Aust Ch Mikulov North Starr ET
Red/White, Brown eyes, DOB 18.10.97
Owned & Loved by Richard & Mara Herba, Mikulov Siberians
Rhea is a beautiful red and white bitch with a friendly, laid back
temperament, a lot like her dam. Congratulations to Mara and Richard Herba
for campaigning Rhea to both her Conformation and Endurance titles.
Norstarr Baffin ET - Kita

Chuvashkaya Hurriup x Ch Norstarr Raising Arazona
Grey/White, brown eyes, DOB 28.11.1998
Owned and loved by Sophia Dalidakis

A lovely all rounder who works, shows and does obedience!
Norstarr Amazing Ally - Ally

Norstarr Fortsalong's Fly x Norstarr Windhill's Emma
B/W piebald, dark brown eyes, DOB 24.10.00
Owned and loved by Barry & Julie Burden of Frostbyte Kennels

We look forward to Ally's debut race season in 2002!
These are just some of the Norstarr dogs we are proud of
- there are a LOT more to add to this page so check back often!