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About Us

I was given my first Siberian Husky, Chukchii The Sprite, in 1988, fulfilling a longtime dream of mine. Having raced sport horses for 12 years prior to this, I was
instantly attracted to the athleticism and grace of this wonderful breed.

Two litters were bred under the Kishiga prefix, prior to the birth of Norstarr Siberians in 1992. Our daughter Rebecca joined the family in Dec 1996 and is quite the keen junior musher and show handler already! We now maintain a kennel of around 15 - 20 Siberians, and one GSP. Both Mitch and I have worked with various clubs and held various positions over the years; including Mitch being founding President of the Southern Cross Sled Dog Club. We are both currently members of the Victorian Canine Association, Siberian Husky Club of Victoria, Siberian Husky Club NSW, Victorian Sled Dog Racing Association (of which I am currently Vice President). We will always strive to do what we can to see sled dog racing continue to flourish in Australia.

Here at Norstarr our focus is on working performance and breeding to the Standard, not just for the show ring. We believe in producing mentally, genetically and physically sound Siberians and maintaining the athletic qualities and beauty that are the essence of the breed. We strive to achieve a high leader rate in all litters we produce. We have made it a priority to maintain a strong line of bitches, from there have been able to improve every generation by accessing some of the best working bloodlines in the world. We keep multiple pups from each litter to evaluate the best for the next generation.

For over twelve years we have been both racing and showing our Siberians with great results. 8 Australian Show Champions, many Race wins and Championships and several Endurance Trial titles are just some of our achievements. We travel extensively each year, following the major National circuit races. Our Siberian Huskies are amongst the top winning teams in Australia.

We breed only occasionally, in the summer months, as we are away racing and
very busy over the winter. We sometimes have puppies available for racing, showing, or companionship. We test for inherited eye disease before breeding, follow proper vaccination and worming routines and raise our puppies in a happy, relaxed country environment with lots of socialisation.

All pups are temperament tested and evaluated before placing in new homes and owners are offered assistance and advice for the lifetime of their puppy. We offer stud dogs from show champion and race winning lines to approved bitches.

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Annie Jackson & Mitch Blockley
Norstarr Siberians

Mitch at Southern Cross Pro Am 2001 - thats our truck in the background.
Rebecca at the Snow, 2001